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Who We Are

genHkids has developed several programs to encourage children and their families to improve their health by doing two things: Eat Real. Move More   We work with schools and community partners to bring our programs directly to children.

Eat Real:

Eat Real at School: genHkids helps transition school lunch menus from a "heat and serve" to a nutritionally dense, delicious "from scratch" model

Destination Dinner Table: genHkids' executive chef teaches families how to cook a budget-friendly, from-scratch meal in less than 20 minutes.  Kid Approved!

Seeds of Possibility: genHkids creates, develops and maintains school and community gardens in the Springfield area, making fresh produce available to students and area residents, and teaching them how to plan, plants, and harvest their own food.


Move More:

Brain Breaks: genHkids has developed a series of activities which are designed to provide short bursts of physical activity to be used throughout the school day to move students into a state of learning-readiness.  genHkids volunteers and staff are available to teach educators how to use these activities, and to do in-class demonstrations for classes

Jump Start: genHkids' jump starts students' days with 12 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity to promote learnign and increase motion.

Structured Indoor Recess: genHkids provides schools with alternative physical activities for those days that students can;t go outside due to the weather,

Recess before Lunch: genHkids assists schools in rearranging lunch schedules to incorporate Recess before Lunch, a proven strategy designed to increase student activity on the playground, encourage consumption of healthier items in the lunchroom and improve behavior in the classroom.

What We Do

genHkids is a non-profit, volunteer-driven coalition with a straightforward MISSION:

Create a generation of healthy kids through education, empowerment, improved nourishment, and increased daily physical activity, thereby reducing the incidence of childhood obesity and its detrimental health effects.

The genHkids Coalition is striving to improve the health of every child in our community and, by extension, their families. We work tirelessly, knowing that Healthy Bodies translate into Healthy Minds, Healthy Behavior, and a Healthy Future for our children and our nation!

Founded by Kemia Sarraf, M.D., M.P.H, in collaboration and partnership with local professional organizations, philanthropic associations, public health institutions, businesses and educational establishments, genHkids has generated tremendous excitement with its hands-on, grassroots approach to improving child health. The genHkids Coalition is comprised of health professionals, educators, fitness experts, nutritionists, parents, and other concerned citizens, all dedicated to creating generation Healthy!