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In His Hands Orphans Outreach

Who We Are

We are a local non-profit organization assisting in foster and orphan care and adoption and support. 

What We Do

As a fundraiser, our skilled volunteers renovate homes in the Enos Park neighborhood that helps meet the mission of the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association and when done the homes are sold to single families and all proceeds are used to assist foster and adoptive families and help care for orphans.  In 2016, our organization partnered with Habitat For Humanity for a single mother and her 3 children to receive the newly renovated 4 bedroom/2 bath home.  We are beginning our next home renovation located at 804 N. 7th Street and we are in the beginning, demolition stages of the project.  We are seeking 3-5 skilled volunteers who do not mind hard, dirty work to assist in demolition, including taking down 2 chimneys.