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East Side Community Development

Who We Are

Eastside Community Development Center is a non-for-profit community organization that is focused on development through education and training in several areas. Eastside are members who all want to empower the community. We are determined to play an intricate role in the redevelopment of our community.



What We Do

At ECDC it is our goal to reach families before they reach crisis status. We want to provide individuals and families with life skills to prevent hardships. Provide them with information and training in finance, home economics, and provide counseling for drug, alcohol, and physical abuse awareness. Provide healthcare screenings and workshops to inform and promote preventive care. We want to help low income and minority families become more aware of the signs and risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

We are developing several  programs to help meet our goals, redefine, improve, and empower our community.

¨ After School Program

¨ Crisis Care

¨ Community Outreach

¨ Job Training

¨ Community Garden

¨ Basic Computer Training



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